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Software Community Engagement from a User Point of View

A software community is a group of users of a software who meet, talk, share ideas/files together about this same software. This happen mostly online. If software users don’t communicate with each others, then there is no a community. I have been involved in a variety of softwares online communities. But on the hundreds of […]

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A Digital Store for ExtremRaym — My First Premium WordPress Plugins For Sale

Few days ago I posted the 100th article of my website. Since the 1st one, a lot of different types of content have been written: tutorials, reviews, in-depth articles, files download pages, creation showcase… A long way has been made since I am developing this website. It is now time to go to the next […]

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Useful Tools for REAPER Scripters

This entry is part 4 of 17 in the series ReaScript for Beginners

You are a beginner or an hardcoder veteran in Scripting for REAPER, and you have the feeling that your coding and sharing experience could be better, that it could more pleasing or more efficient. You are at the right place! Here a some useful extra tools I used when coding scripts for REAPER. They are […]