ReaScripts Templates Repository on GitHub

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Beginners and Advanced REAPER Scripters could take advantage of a new GitHub repository I just created for ReaTeam (a group of scripters gathered on GitHub) : The ReaScripts Templates repository ! This allows to: Have template files for common ReaScript functions, for starting scripting faster with best pratices and actual conventions For eg, working on all selected […]

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ReaScript Video Tutorial — Part. 9: Preventing Bugs

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Scripts are powerful. But as Cockos developer’s Jeffos reminds me when I started: With great power comes great responsibility Uncle Ben, Spiderman What you will learn in this lesson is very important, for all people who make scripts for REAPER. In this video, you will see: that scripts can set invalid values to a project […]

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REAPER 5: User-Created New Features — Showcase of the most Notable Scripts

Scripting in REAPER isn’t a new thing. But some enhancements for the v5 allowed scripters to make more powerful scripts than ever, and to share them more easily. During the 8 months or pre-releases, scripters have proposed, developped and share new features for REAPER, pushing back the limits of ReaScript. What are these new features ? […]