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Music Video: Toneforge Disruptor Riff Contest

My entry for the Riff Contest organized by JST for their new guitar amp modelling plugin Toneforge Disruptor!


Thx for Enny Harlan and M&D for the extra support!

The concept of the contest is simple: JST provides a drum track, and participants record guitar riffs over it. Winners are peaked by Dino Cazares from Fear Factory. And that’s about it!
I decided to submit a participation cause I found this was a nice and stimulating idea for composing some groovy riffs on guitar and bass, and put in practice mixing tricks discussed on the JST YouTube channel (and lots of my own custom tricks ).

Though it was not mandatory, I did use JST new plugin Toneforge Disruptor for the all the guitar parts (no synths), cause there is some nice things I find quite interesting in it (DI tone match especially). There is about 10 instances of the plugin with different settings in the REAPER project. I also used other JST content like Kaoss and Gang Vocals samples.
This contest was also a very good opportunity to go playing and filming guitar in the forest at night, something always very enjoyable!

I also contributed to Friops proposal:

Contest Details
Disurptor Plugin
– JST: / @joeymusic

EDIT: Winners were announced on 13-05-2023. Congrats to them and to all the participants!