• Jillian Hoenig

    Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful instruction. This has been a wonderful introduction to ReaScript !

  • Glad you liked it 🙂 Have fun with scripting !!

  • Your Reaper seems to have lots of extra control buttons, particularly the right hand column of icon/buttons. How did you get those? Thanks for your many contributions to the Reaper community!

  • Thanks !
    Oh, it is just some action map to button toolbars, toolars docked here and there within the interface.
    I share a beginner version of my config here : http://www.extremraym.com/en/reaper-config-zip/
    Backup your config first or use it on a portable install of REAPER if you want to take a look.

  • Awesome Raym! I’ll download the starter script and begin shadowing the
    FULL LIGHT OF THE EXTREMERAYM! 🙂 God bless! Love – <3

  • Geir

    “Invert env. poins.lua”: Can’t get this to work

  • It works perfectly here. be sure you checked the instructions within the script or in its dedicated forum post.

  • Geir

    Thanks! There I found the forum-link 🙂

  • Drew White

    Amazing work RR!! You have truly pushed the boundaries. Also, the level of communication and explanation you always provide is admirable and much appreciated.

    One question, when importing another .lua file, I notice you are using the code:

    function get_script_path()
    if reaper.GetOS() == “Win32” or reaper.GetOS() == “Win64” then
    return debug.getinfo(1,’S’).source:match(“(.*”..”\”..”)”):sub(2) — remove “@”
    return debug.getinfo(1,’S’).source:match(“(.*”..”/”..”)”):sub(2)
    package.path = package.path .. “;” .. get_script_path() .. “?.lua”

    Now, I have been using just:
    package.path = package.path .. “;” .. reaper.GetResourcePath() .. “/Scripts/?.lua”

    This seems to work fine on OS X and Windows (yes, even with / not )

    Did you ever try that method? I’m wondering if there’s a point where my single line fails, but obviously it is neat to be able to avoid an extra function & conditional lines.

    Best Regards.


  • Hi Drew, thank you very much for your comment 🙂 Indeed, providing infos is key for me, I think giving the tools is not enough, you also have to provide the manual, if you want people to be abble to use them 🙂

    I use the code you speak about very often, but now I use another method:
    Look for the second method, it is a bit simpler that all this.
    Note than avoiding one extra conditions will not make your script 1000x faster.

    For more support/infos about reascript code, please consider opening a thread on Cockos Forum, Disqus comments are not very ideal to read source code, and others people could join the discussion 😛

    Good Scripting !

  • alfonso santimone

    Hi, testing your great Reaper scripts. Is it possible to set/offset envelopes in a time selection across multiple envelopes and tracks? (Multiple envelope edit a la Protools so to speak). Many thanks and all the best

  • Hi,
    X-Raym_Set or Offset envelope points value.lua is design for this. It works on active and armed track of selected tracks and only in time selection if there is one. Destination envelope type is determined by selected envelope.
    Cheers !