Tutoriel Video ReaScript — Partie 3 : Obtenir et Définir des Propriétés du Premier Objet Sélectionné

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  • Ian_SAfc

    tres bien, merci.
    Can I ask: How do you set the name of the NEXT Take to be recorded?
    I want to:
    a) Set the name of the next Take
    b) reaper.Main_OnCommandEx(1013, 0, 0) –[[ record it ]]–

    At the moment, Reaper decides the name of the next Take based on wildcards.

  • It will be a bit complicated, cause your script will have to check what “new items” have been created after Records. And there is no functions for that, expect storing all items of the project in a table, before and after record, and make a comparaison, which may not very very efficient according to the size of the project.
    It is better to change the way take are named in REAPER settings,
    and if there is not what you need, you can write a script that set take name of selected items (after record then). it will not change the source file name (maybe this function could be written).
    As your question is not related to this particular lesson, please open a thread on ReaScript support forum. You may get more answers there.

  • Ian_SAfc

    Thanks, I did create a thread a few days ago.*
    I issued a 1013 command to start Recording, then I wanted to rename the take it just recorded to a name of my choosing.
    However, I cannot get my lua script to wait until its finsihed recording. It processes the rest of the instructions, and does not wait, even if I set up a loop checking the record state.
    I want to
    a) record the take
    b) rename that take