Tutoriel Video ReaScript — Partie 4 : Boucler dans les Objets Sélectionnés

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  • Henry Knecht

    Hi Sir,
    I am studying LUA for Reaper with your good tutorial. It is great! I love it. I am in Part 4.
    Therefore I have a question:
    Not being a good enough programmer understanding the installation of a good editor/debugger, I use right now the plain LUA window in Reaper without line numbers.
    I would be VERY thankful for your (detailed) instructions for installing a good editor/debugger in the LUA/Reaper window.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    PS: I live in Switzerland where we learn French in school, but it is weak. Too bad that DOWNLOADING your E tutorials, the English subtitles are missing (but I can read very well what you type). When I watch the tutorial ONLINE (with the English subtitles), unfortunately the picture is too small for reading what you type.

    Thanks a lot for your care and your help.
    Henry Knecht

  • Thanks henry !

    The Built-in Editor is fine don’t worry, and it is actually pretty simple to debug in this because of the variable debugger on the right (you will not have that in a code editor).
    The line number is written on the bottom of the REAPER window (it is not obvious but it is there).
    If you want to install your own code editor, please do your research on a search engine, there is a lot of tuts about Notepad++, Atom.io, Sublime text etc 🙂

    Actually, you can download subtitles, just go on the Amara.org website I linked in article and audio bottom, you will be redirect to where the subtitles are hosted, and if you click on the language, you can Download 🙂

    Nice to see your first script 😛 Good learning !

    Cheers !