• Jon Tidey

    congrats on this release. It looks really great. I will try it on my blogs

  • Oh thank you Jon, it would be an honnor 🙂
    You will see, the installation is pretty straight forward.
    For styling, there is a default theme for “see how it works” and “having a base for customization”, feel free to edit it the way you want so that it matches your themes. It is pure CSS. 😛

  • Dana Sudborough

    Can this plug in be made to work with [playlist] shortcodes as well?

  • Wavesurfer-js has a module for playlist, so yess I think it should be possible in some ways,
    But I have to learn the details of the playlist shortcode and the wavesurfer part to allow a deep integration.
    Nothing planned, but not impossible. We’ll se me if there is demand about it.

  • Dana Sudborough

    Thanks for the quick reply! I am building a WP site where members will upload multiple audio files into a playlist. It would be nice to stylize them with your plug-in.

  • You are welcome !
    So I make some tests to see if it could be possible, and yes. Not really easy to rebuild from scratch functions related to playlists, but possible. I don’t think I will have the time to include this functions in the plugin right now but I’ll keep that in mind, because yes, it can be intersting.
    Meanwhile, I invite you to leave a review on WordPress.org, or/and to make a donation 🙂
    Thanks for your interest in my plugin 🙂

  • mindaugas

    Hi nice player Respect ! one problem when write a comment and ADD audio file you player not work to this file, when i add file from admin panel work grate ?

  • Thanks !

    What is comment – do you mean Captation or Description in the attachment page of the media library ? https://codex.wordpress.org/File:attachedfile-detail.png
    And what doesn’t work ? What did you see ?

    I invite you to leave a message on the WordPress Support forum of this
    plugin, so that anyone who face the same problem could leave a message
    too, or consult the threat if needed.
    I put dedicated links at the end of the article.
    Every details in your post and screenshots can really help me see what is wrong.

    See you on the support forum !

  • Playlist is now avaible in v2.1 🙂

  • Jest try in on my page / Members Sounds uploaded audio file not work]


  • Hi !
    I invite you to go on WordPress forum for support.
    Describe what you did (shortcode) and what was the expected behaviou (aka, what doesn’t work precisyly (controls, waveform display, mouse cursor hover, colors…).
    From what I can see, it works, both chrome and FireFox.

  • http://www.free-sound-download.com/archives/1
    comment file attachment not playng you player, defoult player work,

    Try upload file and see this problem.

  • I don’t understand, are you using audio shortcode inside comments ? As far as I know, this is not a native WordPress feature.
    (I guess you use :
    https://wordpress.org/plugins/comment-attachment/ )

  • using [audio] shortcodes to attach media file on comments. after upload file player not work, if i click on player download button

  • newguy

    You sir are a genius for creating this!

    one big problem though, the player will not work if Visual Composer plugin is installed. I spent hours trying to figure out why the player wasnt showing up…..So i uninstalled visual composer and it showed up on the next refresh.

    I think its something with the code, because I wasnt even using any Visual composer elements. If you could please please fix this I would be the happiest person in the world!! lol….do you take donations?? 🙂

  • newguy

    Updated Visual Composer to the latest version. Fixed!!! everything works!

  • Thanks you a lot 🙂
    Well the hardest part was made by katspaugh, he build the script that convert audio to waveforms, I’m personnaly taking care of the WordPress Integration (which is not that easy, in fact ^^).
    Donations are welcome, it could really help me put more time into this. The link is in the sidebar, “Show your Love” widget 🙂
    Thanks again for your consideration about my work !! Very stimulating.

  • Ok I see the problem.
    It is now corrected in v2.1.1 of the plugin (already avaible for download) 🙂

  • newguy

    I will definitely donate!

    still having problems….it works fine on my ‘live’ site, but not in the ‘staging’ site. So im going back and fourth between the two trying to find the culprit. It sucks cause Im actually much further along w/ development in the staging site then I am in the ‘live’ site.

    the update VC trick didnt work on the ‘live’ site 🙁

  • Nice work !!! naw all work grate, Thanks and Respect for you !!!

  • Hmm can we continue this discussion on WordPress.org support (link at the bottom of the article ?)
    It will be easier.

    The problem is that I don’t own VC so I can’t test :/
    But as long as it can output audio shortcode without modifications it should work.. Can you please makes screenshots, give all infos etc so thay O can try to estimate what doesn’t work ?
    Also update all your plugins and WP.

  • newguy

    how would i go about creating a gradient for the wave form display? i couldn’t find any css selectors for the actual wave element.

  • Waveforms are drawn using the canva element. As far as I know, this could only be style using Javascript.

    Basic exemple : http://codepen.io/X-Raym/pen/KVaoOg

  • New version (vertical with symetry).
    I don’t plan to add gradient feature to the WordPress plugin as this time (it nice but it can be a bit long to implement. We’ll see if it is a feature often require).

  • newguy

    woooooo!!!! brilliant!

  • newguy

    thanks…. if i wanted to do a permanent gradient style for my site (like the one in the w3school link) where would i place the script? Im searching through the wavesurfer-wp.js file trying to find where it would go.

  • You can take the gradient related functions and variables and put them on top of the Wavesurfer object creation 🙂
    Here is how (on the version of the script similar to the last one, 2.1.1)
    Check line 44.
    I didn’t put conditions to make it load the gradient from the HTML, here they are hard coded do give you an exemple.

  • Dana Sudborough

    Thanks!!! That was very quick! I wasn’t expecting this. It works great with my previously existing playlists. Only small problem is the waveform still doesn’t appear. Is that specific to the browser, or a setting I need to change, or something missing from the shortcode or ?

  • Waveforms should appear right after the file finish loading.
    Do you have any link to share ?

  • Dana Sudborough
  • It works perfecty here
    Both chrome and firefox, Windows and Mac =/
    What is your config (browser version + os) ?

  • newguy

    oh man you are awesome! look so sick with the gradient. thank you!

    any ideas on how to improve the loading on ajax pages?

  • Dana Sudborough

    Windows 7. IE 11.

    I was thinking it was browser related. Unfortunately, this #$%^^ computer doesn’t want to let my Firefox or Chrome work today for me to test other browsers……

  • Thanks 😀
    Do you still have trouble on your ajax pages ?

  • newguy

    yea… about half of the time it wont load until you refresh the page.

    in safari i can’t get it to load at all

  • Ah too bad =/
    For the moment, you have a php error
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 413335 bytes) in /home/bstewartwilliams/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 340

    Try deactivate plugins to see which ones cause problem.

  • I am making a bit of research, and I succeed to make my page load with ajax thanks to a WordPress plugin called Advanced Ajax Page.
    The author propose a solution for this kind of case (js loaded but not run again after an ajax called).
    It is a solution special for this plugin : put the code inside a function, function that is triggered when the ajax is called.
    I had the same problem without this reload-code thing, and it works after.
    So, from what I can see so far, only a custom solution based on how your page are refreshed can work, and it is up to your system provider (the author of the plugin/theme who wrote your ajax transitions) to propose a solution, some bridges so that functions can be triggered when the page refresh.
    I’m still investigating, but it is what I found so far.

  • Oh man, I may have the solution.
    Please replace your wavesurfer-wp.js file by this one:


  • Have you tried my AJAX fixed ? If it works for you, I will put it in next WaveSurfer-WP update.

  • newguy

    what did you put in the ‘content’ identifier? i put “.wavesurfer-block” but thats not working.

  • Try this JS https://gist.github.com/X-Raym/bff45ba8748a9be374f7
    Replace the old one by this one and have a test.

  • newguy

    thanks! that fixed the loading problem.

    Only thing left is it not showing in safari. How did you get the ones above on this page to show up in safari?

  • newguy

    all the buttons are there, it does the green bar load thing….then vanishes.

  • Is the sound hosted on another sever ?
    Is it HTTPS ?
    THis is an issue that I saw in french : http://www.grafikart.fr/forum/topics/16217?page=2

  • newguy

    sorry for all the comments, i dont want to be a pest, but I forgot to mention that its in 2 wave mode now….(with the recent ajax friendly code). How do i get back to single waveform?

  • If it has two waveforms, then it is because you have split-channels shortcode attribute. delete it.

  • newguy

    yea that was the issue. It wasnt HTTPS but it was the staging site (myftpupload). When i use the regular address it works fine in both safari and chrome! so thats solved.

    just this one last issue of the double waveforms. every instance now loads 2 wave forms, with one set of controls, each waveform is on its own independent time line…..its actually really cool lol, but i need to get back to just the one wave… can u help?

    thanks again man…you are the best.

  • Dana Sudborough

    It worked perfectly at home on several browsers. Thanks again!

  • Nice to see that the problems vanished one after the other, I wish the integration was more simple (it works with basic http request), but well… It can work !
    So, if the the problem doesn’t come from the shortcode, then I’m a bit surprised, cause it is not the default behavior.
    Any link to share so that I could inspect the html ?
    And the code pasted in the post editor ?
    Also, did you mod something in the JS ?

  • newguy

    in the js, i swapped out the attribute part for the gradient part you showed me yesterday.

  • Ok ok that’s why, simple to fix then
    From the new JS, replace

    splitChannels: true (which came from the gradient)


    splitChannels: split

    And be sure you have

    var split = container.attr(‘data-split-channels’);
    (with the split conditions below)

    On top of the init.

  • newguy

    hmmm… it looks like i already have that.


  • Sorry to ask but are you sure it is the code you have on your live website ? It seems to work here (just copy pasted), as you can see, waveforms are not split, if there is no data-split-channels attribute in the html.


    Maybe it is a problem with your shortcode can I see it ?
    Also, you didn’t change the PHP right ?

    (your gradient is suprising… :P)

  • newguy

    im using the default php from your most recent version.

    Should i have edited anything in the php?

  • newguy

    try the code i sent u above in an a wordpress enviroment. for some reason it doesnt do the double thing in codepen….but in wordpress it does.

    i did a complete re-install of the plugin and only changed the .js file and the doubles showed up again…. im gonna look through it…im sure i’ll find the reason

  • just tested your code in wordpress environement and all looks fine (ajax and all)

    This is really mysterious.
    Show me your shortcode please 😛

  • newguy

    i tried switching the “split:split to split:true” and it generated 4 waveforms. For some reason its automatically creating 2 independent waves for each song.

    here is what it looks like on my staging page

  • newguy

    how do i send shortcode?

  • I know what is the problem but I don’t have solution cause i don’t why.
    The problem that is is not stereo waveform, it is two “one channel” waveform one into others. There is two canva element: but it should be one one.
    That why when you say Split it goes up to 4.
    Let’s try to find why…

  • I wonder if is not an AJAX thing again,
    I said in the script that the waveform should appears at document.ready AND at ajax.complete… maybe for you it does that twice…
    Go at the top of the script and only set to “ready” (line 23)

  • newguy

    thats so wierd….. it only happens when i add the new ajax code….. when i use the default code that came w/ your plugin download…everything works fine. hmmm

  • newguy

    ok…ill try that

  • newguy

    ok that fixed the double waveform….but killed the ajax

  • newguy

    just to be sure, did you mean like this:

    // No conflcit for WordPress

    $j = jQuery.noConflict();

    // On Document Ready and Ajax Complete

    $j(document).on(“ready”, function() {




  • yep.that was that.
    Sorry but we can’t continue on this discussion page, I can’t manage support easily on a single page like that.
    Please join me here https://ide.c9.io/x_raym/temp
    I don’t have a lot of time but we will try somethings

  • Try this simple condition :
    $j(document).on(“ready ajaxComplete”, function() {
    if ( $j( “#wavesurfer-block-1” ).length == 0) {

  • Or maybe this one :
    $j(document).on(“ready ajaxComplete”, function() {
    if ( $j( “#wavesurfer-block-1” ).find(‘canvas’).length == 0) {

  • newguy

    hey man… i was wondering if i could pay you for a session. I have some other things on my project that i’m kinda stuck on and I think you would know the answers. All very minor things…

    let me know! 🙂

  • I’ll send you an e-mail !

  • Hi, or posible make counter on download button ? how many times on button ckick ?

  • It may be possible,
    But I don’t plan to do it, as it would involves more complex stuff that I intented
    (a way to push the +1 to the database, a way to organize the datas in the database, and a way to recall them).
    That’s out of my todo list, at least for the moment.
    Maybe consider a more social oriented player for this kind of stats (soundcloud, hearthis), or using a plugin that could have download count if you don’t plan to have thousands of sound download (I use Download Monitor :
    https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/download-monitor/screenshots/ ).

  • I don’t know it this can help you (today’s post on WPMU: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/track-file-downloads/ )

  • Varjith Thilakasekaram

    cant we change the height and width of this player

  • Width : it is responsive full width
    Height : coming soon as shortcode or preference settings.

    Feel free to make a donation for encouraging the dev of this feature. Thanks !

  • Glen

    I have some short MP3 files for a free study program but they aren’t working. Any fixes for this? I’m using the WordPress plugin. http://agreatdream.com/phrases/

  • the data-url retruned by the shortcode seems empty can you please show me the shortcode you use ?
    alose, consider using the theme wich has only icons and no text, you don’t have a lot of place.
    Please open a ticket on WordPress forum, tracking bugs and making support and disqus is bad.
    Thanks !

  • Josh

    I’d suggest two changes:

    1) A setting to allow wavesurfer to play before the entire file is loaded.

    As per:https://github.com/katspaugh/wavesurfer.js/blob/master/README.md (FAQ)

    Can the audio start playing before the waveform is drawn?
    Yes, if you use the backend: ‘MediaElement’ option. See here: http://wavesurfer-js.org/example/audio-element/. The audio will start playing as you press play. A thin line will be displayed until the whole audio file is downloaded and decoded to draw the waveform.

    2) Allow just a single black-triangle-on-white-square play button instead of any other buttons, like the older style of wavesurfer.

  • 1) This need to testing to see if the drawbacks it has are still present.

    2) Feel free to style /hide elements to your taste, you can do it with pure CSS.

  • Josh

    Thanks, we’ll go for the CSS.

    What are the drawbacks you speak of?

  • As you requested, update 2.2 allows playing file before is is fully loaded, and display a thin line while the waveforms is drawn, thanks to new wavesurfer update.
    Thanks for considering making a donation to support development of this plugin !

  • Oleg

    Hi! Great plugin.
    I have one quastion about it: how to Disable Simultaneous Play sounds on one page in WP?

  • Thanks !
    I recently thought about this feature, I don’t yet how to implement it but I have few ideas to test !
    Meanwhile, you can sponsir WaveSurfer-WP development by leaving a note review on wordpress.org, and by making a donation 🙂
    Cheers !

  • David

    This plugin is working great! Thank you.
    Please could we add the option to pause other players?

  • Hi David, thanks for your comment !
    I’ll be happy to work on this, it was suggested on the comment below,
    Are you ok to support the dev of this feature by making a donation and by rating the plugin on wordpress.org ? 🙂
    You will be credited on the Other Notes page as a donator.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the update; it does now play right away, but the waveform is missing for some reason and does not seem to generate consistantly.

  • The waveform is only loaded when the whole file is downloaded, and your file is 56 minutes long so it take a bit of time to load. Before that, a thin line is drawn to indicate that wavesurfer is well loaded (and you have the cursor of course).
    This is how wavesurfer-js is design, I tried few things to make waveforms be drawn while loading, without any success so far.
    That’s one reason this player is designed for “small” audio files in mind.

  • PePo

    Hello! I like a lot your player, It’s brilliant actually… But I have one question. On the wordpress you present it even as radioplayer. I have a radiostation and i want it for this. Made the install, all good, added the shortcode with the link and…nothing! i must say that the link is in this form http://url:port/trance …where the trance is mointpoint, using icecast2. Can you help me with this?

  • Thanks a lot 🙂
    hmm maybe radio was a bit mis-guiding, I meant radio replay, like recordings of radios, not live streaming.
    It currently only works with usual files and I don’t plan to make it stream friendly as it is a whole other subject ! Sorry =/

  • Maybe try ZoomSounds plugin for livestream :

  • Josh

    Thanks for your work on this.
    On other sites, we’ve been using the “pre-rendered peaks” technique, which allows passing an array of numbers to wavesurfer (wavesurfer.load('../media/demo.wav', [0.0218, 0.0183, 0.0165, 0.0198, 0.2137, 0.2888, 0.2313, 0.15, 0.2542, 0.2538, 0.2358, 0.1195, 0.1591, 0.2599, 0.2742, 0.1447, 0.2328, 0.1878, 0.0108]) )

    How difficult would it be to connect this to the shortcode? Such as [audio m4a="http://domain.ca/largefile.m4a" pre-rendered-waveform="0.0218, 0.0183, 0.0165, 0.0198, 0.2137, 0.2888, 0.2313, 0.15, 0.2542, 0.2538, 0.2358, 0.1195, 0.1591, 0.2599, 0.2742, 0.1447, 0.2328, 0.1878, 0.0108"][/audio]

    wavesurfer, Pre-rendered Waveform: https://github.com/katspaugh/wavesurfer.js/issues/535
    wavesurfer, demo: http://wavesurfer-js.org/example/audio-element/
    StackOverflow question about creating a shortcode that accepts an array (this is where I got the syntax of pre-rendered-waveform="0.0218, 0.0183, 0.0165") http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31307306/wordpress-shortcodes-pass-array-of-values

  • Hi !
    Having pre cached peaks would be possible without having to set any shortcode argument.

    WavePlayer, a premium plugin released after WaveSurfer-WP and based on wavesurjer-js too, can handle cached peak generation at file upload, peak regeneration from files in media library, and peak loading.

    I wish I could add these feature but I don’t know how to do it. Maybe WavePlayer could fit your needs better then.

  • Antonio

    hi i forgot to ask is there a short code to trim the audio start point i.e 02.00 instead of 00:00 ? also is there a fade out short code?

  • You can mod the .js to add your offset.
    This player doesn’t offer fade-out functionnality, (maybe it can be moded).

  • Kate Nelson

    Hello! I like a lot your gamer, It’s amazing actually… But I have one query. On the wordpress platforms you existing it even as radioplayer. I have a radiostation and i want it for this. Created the set up, all excellent, included the shortcode with the weblink and…nothing! i must say that the weblink is in this type http://url:port/trance …where the state of hypnosis is mointpoint, using icecast2. Can you help me with this?

  • Sorry for the trouble, the “radio” was completly misleading, I was thinking about Radio Show who wnat to share Replays/Podcast of their shows, not real time audio streaming.
    Wavesurfer-WP only works with simple files. For audio stream, you will have to use another plugin.
    Good luck 🙂

  • Nat

    I have a quick question, does this plugin work with Fullwidth Audio Player – WordPress plugin

  • WaveSurfer-WP works with the audio and playlist shortcode, and with attributes describe on the plugin page. If your reference plugin used these, then wavesurfer-WP maybe be compatible.
    Please note that WaveSurfer-WP is free so you can make any test you want.

  • LuisB

    Hi, Any chance the player can show track names? That is a basic must have feature imo.

  • Hi,
    Track names is supported on playlist shortcode, and not in regular audio shortcode, just like the regular WordPress shortcode way.
    Please check WavePlayer plugin if you need musical ortiented player with ALbum Art etc..

  • LuisB

    So no chance this will be upgraded to have its own single track names? I don’t need covers really. This was pretty much what I needed but its lacking the track names as I don’t plan on using the playlist in this case even tho its another great feature to have.

  • As title is not displayed on defautlt shortcode, I assume that it shoudln’t be displayed by default, to avoid unexpected behavior.
    Maybe a title=”true” attribute could be added, as well as a user preference. TItle could be Created from Attachement name (not from mp3 tag) and displayed over the player. I suppose a hn title would be more semantic, but this means that the users should have a way to customize title level. Probably with another user setting. Optionnaly, default style for this title should be added in the differents stylesheet provided. So maybe a title=”*level*” kind a thing, targetable via CSS with class (cause the level can change).
    You understand now how ‘basic feature’ can lead to a lot of consideration. 😛

  • LuisB

    😀 Basic feature as a front end user needs basis never meant it was easy to do tho. Should I take that as a no? Maybe? 🙂

  • I don’t consider this at this time, but maybe later, when I will have more time to dedicate to my free open source work!

  • LuisB

    Awesome mate yeah you are right no rush for free open source work. 🙂

  • Sir I Add download_button=”true” In Short Code Exmaple [audio mp3="http://www.example.com/file.mp3" download_button="true" ] But Downloading Button Not Working

    • I know that it doesn’t work on safari, it is a limitation of the javascript library I use, but I didn’t find good alternative for the moment.

      Please go on the WordPress support forum if you still have issue.

  • Antonio

    hello can the start and end of the audio be controlled with short code?

    • With the premium add-on, you can add data-start and data-end to a block (like a button or a word) with .wavesurfer-marker class, so pressing the button start play at data-start pos and end at data-end.

      • Antonio

        With the premium add-on can you play only between start and end? i.e a region?

        • if you define start and end on a custom button/link/text. The basic play button will works as usual,without regions.

  • Natasha Stefanovska

    It works only on wordpress??

    • Well… it is a WordPress plugin, so yes ^^ What do you need ?

  • James Wood

    Hey! I LOVE THIS! Thank you! 🙂 Quick question, is it possible to automatically start playing by clicking inside the waveform? Thx!

    • Thanks for your positive comment !
      This feature is not native, but I’m pretty sure it could be hoked with some Javascript.
      It need to be tested to be sure, but just a simple plugin with a custom JS loaded after the plugin javascript files may be enough.

      • James Wood

        Thanks for your quick reply! 🙂 I don’t really know any JS programming myself, but maybe someone else will write a solution for this soon. It would definitely be a very intuitive user experience, like SoundCloud I suppose. This plugin is truly wonderful in its simplicity and the fact it just WORKS…unlike most plugins 😉 Thanks for your work on this.

        • I personally like that it doesn’t autoplay at click, so I think I will leave it optional.
          Thanks again for your encouragements ! 🙂

    • Thanks for your positive comment !
      This feature is not native, but I’m pretty sure it could be hoked with some Javascript.
      This need to be tested to be sure, but just a simple plugin with a custom JS
      loaded after the plugin javascript files may be enough.

  • James Wood

    BTW I noticed the premium version says the license is for 365 days? Does it stop working after a year? Thx 🙂

    • Someone just asked me this question few minutes ago on the plugin page ^^
      Currently, it still works after 365 days, but there is no update / support after this period.

      • James Wood

        Ahh I understand. Okay cool, thanks a lot 🙂

  • James Wood

    Is it possible to display cover artwork to the left of the waveform? Or would you just do this via custom div/CSS?

    • Hi !
      Currently, this feature is not avaible out of the box.
      It may be possible to add this to the playlist shortcode,
      by using wavesurfer-wp filters and some custom php/css
      if the attachment used in the shortcode has a cover image,

      But I didn’t test it, so I don’t have code snippet ready to share. It may require a bit more customization.

      Please open a support thread on WordPress forum the next time so that it is easier for the other users and for me to sort / find various questions and answers. Thanks 😛

  • Karl

    I use the WaveSurfer plugin already on my site. It’s a reall powerfull Plugin, great Work!
    But I have difficulties with inserting the script “Timeline”.
    Or can’t this script as a general rule not be integrated at WordPress?

    So my Question if yet:
    Can you modify the data accordingly, of course against payment?

    Thx, Karl

    • Hi
      Put screenshots and links, and all other useful infos. I am don’t understand what you are calling “Timeline”.
      Beware, this is a simple comment section of an article,
      if you have problem with the free version of the plugin of the plugin, please open a thread on the dedicated wordpress forum,
      if you have the premium version, please contact me via the contact form.
      Thanks for your encouragement anyway !

      • Karl


        thank you for your quick reply. Excuse me for saying badly, here I try it better to explain:

        A) my WP page is currently here:

        The plugin I have used for audio examples,
        E.g. here: https://raudive.de/?page_id=5157

        B) the Timeline, which I mean is this:

        I think it is a feature of the free version and should describe my problem here:

        C) the premium plugin of you I have not yet. I have a question about this: is the described feature “Update 2015-01-03: Now with Playlist shortcode support!” In this premium version?

        Thanks for your patience with my Google Translater, …sorry for my badly english …


        • I understand better now,
          Timeline is a plugin for wavesurjer-js, the script on which is based WaveSurfer-WP.
          But it is not included or integrated within wavesurfer-wp. This would require custom JavaScript to work.
          I don’t have plan to include Tiemline feature at this time, but if you have JavaScript skills, feel free to experiment 🙂

          For other questions, support forum is here https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wavesurfer-wp

          WaveSurfer-WP Premium is an add-on of WaveSurfer-WP, so it has all feature of WaveSurfer-WP and it adds some extras.

          Thanks !

        • This would require custom javascript modifications / integrations.
          I personnaly don’t plan to integrate it natively, but feel free to do your own integration !

        • This would require custom javascript mod and integration,
          I don’t plan to integrate timeline plugin natively at this time,
          but feel free to do your test 😛

  • James Wood

    Do you know of any way to create a link button that would change the MP3 loaded in a player? i.e. if I want to embed the player to a fixed sticky bottom bar, and have various play buttons for different tracks on my site. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi James,
      I didn’t test that, so I don’t have any code snippet to share, and I am not sure if is possible with the current javascript method available in the plugin, it may need to rewrite some things (maybe extending the plugin is not enough). If it does, sure you will need to use custom JavaScript functions.

      I invite you to post on the plugin support forum section the next time, this comment section doesn’t allow searching-sorting in a efficient way.
      Cheers !

  • Hello, I’m using this powerful plugin and this is exactly what i was looking for
    I have Qs:1- How can i have all buttons like “Next” “Previous” in default(rather than insetinf shortcode for every each post, i have 2300 posts so far…)
    2- How can i purchase pro version or Add-Ons?
    3- Is there any chance to add other options like “Play Count” and “Share” …?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback,

      1. what next previous buttons ? I don’t understnd what you mean there, but you can add custom css styes in your theme stylesheet, and use one of the avaible filter to add your own “default value” to the shortcode attribute. See doc on the script page.

      2. Pro version purchase is disabled for now, I need an optimization to be done on wavesurfer.js file first. Without have, there is unnecessary charge on the bandwidth and this can be huge for some websites. https://github.com/katspaugh/wavesurfer.js/issues/973#issuecomment-278320238 Hope it will be fixed soon!

      3. I don’t plan to add social features ot this plugin at this time, maybe take a look at WP https://codecanyon.net/item/wavesurfer-plus-mp3-player-module-for-gmedia-plugin/19242349
      Maybe fit your needs more than my plugin which is more for analyses than music or podcast.

      • Thank for quick response
        I meant buttons like Next Track… I only have Play/ pause https://devoiders.com/music/unyt and Duration in default, it will take a lot of time to add shortcodes into 2300 posts
        2- The plugin you suggested ( WaveSurfer Plus), does replace itself with mediaelement?
        you might take a look at my website https://devoiders.com/
        you have the best plugin fit in my site so far, great job thank you

        • There is no Next or Previous button for playlists at this time. I don’t plan to add new features untill the bugs mentionned are fixed, but if you are familiar with javascript you may succeed to create some yourself. 🙂
          >2- The plugin you suggested ( WaveSurfer Plus), does replace itself with mediaelement?
          I let you contact the author for more infos !