Apprendre ReaScript pour REAPER


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  • tomotello

    Merveilleux! Very welcome initiative! I’m just joining the Reascript community – comming from other languages C,C++, Perl, Python. Just a spontaneous feedback from a newbe (might be to be addressed to Cockos directly): It’s fine that the API documentation can be generated and is therefore always up-to-date. But the alphabetic order is for a newbie not really useful. A categorization parameter within the source which would allow to have a documentation structured by categories would be speed-up a start much. For my personal use I’ll have to do this manually now, before I even start my first script. When getting in touch with a new programming language the first thing I want to know is what’s available for the different tasks, such as I/O, Audio, MIDI functions. Searching all the time through an alaphabetic list makes me crazy.

  • I am totally agree with you ! I would love to have “items functions”, “midi functions”…
    And in HTML point of view, it could be better too, to allow further styling (and more clarity).
    This long alphabetic tables are not handy…
    I already told it in the pre-release forum but nobody seems really interested for the moment. Maybe be later !
    Thank you for your comment 🙂
    Any scripts idea in mind ?

  • tomotello

    yes, I’ve two areas for scripting in mind:

    1) Test Automation / QA for creation of sample libraries

    MIDI: Dynamically generating scales, arpeggios throughout the entire register and velocity range of an instrument with typical articulations per instrument

    2) improved, ad hoc transport control, e.g. for live performances

    MIDI: For music styles where dynamically changing tempo variations, holds, caesuras, fermatas or theatre productions are core features, there was so far one only software really covering this in an easy way, Midi Maestro (see -Cue to cue performance with support for vamps, caesuras, fermatas, skips and cola voce sections (where the conductor follows a soloist). As Midi Maestro seems to be discontinued I’m after a replacement in first priority to get the fermata feature per se available some how and if possible in second priority I’ll try to reimplement with scripting in Reaper the interpretation of the Midi Maestro approach to manage these hold-on-cue, jump-to-next cue proprietary MIDI extensions (META tags on a dedicated track) to make it possible to read in Midi files with such holds/fermatas to be handled directly in Reaper without modifications.

    Any hints / recommendations for examples in these areas are very welcome…

  • Wow, that is ambitious !
    I have made a lot of scripts fot regions and items, but none fot MIDI. You will surely find help on REAPER forum 🙂
    1. Will be more complicated as it sound because evry bank handle parametrs and key mapping differently. I already see vibratos placed on velocity, on modulation wheel, on CC, on after touch, on footpedal… Some instrument with no dynamic control other that modulation wheel… Every bank has its own logic !
    2. This can be very helpful, indeed 🙂 check pre release v5 of REAPER, there is a tons of tempo enhancements and new tempo related functilns in the API !
    Good luck with your projects !