ReaScript: Named Region Creator


Looking for a quicker, way to create named regions in your REAPER projects? XR Region Creator is designed just for this!

When creating musical projects, we often came up with the same needs for regions: one region named Intro, some Verses, and some Chorus…

But having to create them manually is tedious. Lots of clicks, lots of typing. That is why lots of projects end having no region at all.

I brainstormed this and came up with this idea: having a simple panel with named buttons, which can be trigger by keyboard shortcuts, creating regions from last region to edit cursor. Named are defined by the same SWS Auto-color file, where lots of people already have there common region names colors defined.

I then made this script for my collaborators and my own needs, and where amazingly surprised by how efficient it was: setting regions for our current songs projects regions was made under 30 seconds, where it would have takes minutes before.

So decided to share the results to you, hoping it can be helpful to you as well!




Region Creation

In priority order:

  1. it create regions at time selection
  2. if no time selection, it updates current region names
  3. if no current region, it create one from last region end point and current edit cursor position

Keyboard Shortcuts

All buttons on the UI are clickable, but to make things even faster, the script handle keyboard shortcuts (shown in parentheses), when it is focused.

The script is meant to make region creation faster, and so, lots of process are automatics, including keyboard shortcuts assignation.

For regions, the shortcut is its first letter, if not already assigned to another region. If this is the case, it will check for another letter that will not assigned by any other regions.


This pack can be installed and auto-updated with the free ReaPack REAPER extension with a custom link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. After purchase, detailed installation instructions will be provided here and on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.


This script require SWS and ReaImGui free reaper extensions.

Feature Requests

No new feature planned for now, but if you miss a function; let me know!


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