Coding a ReaScript for Ubisoft France

Few weeks ago, I get contacted by Gilles Camous, Audio TD at Ubisoft France, to create a REAPER script which allows to make pre and post render actions, for their specific audio game design workflow. The most important thing this script does is to allow versioning of files rendered via the RRM right in the […]

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REAPER Scripting Showcase by Robert Randolph

Two years ago, I wrote REAPER 5: User-Created New Features — Showcase of the most Notable Scripts / ExtremRaym, an article to promote ReaScript works made by the REAPER communities during the v5 development, which introduced Lua scripting language. Scripts proposed by users on Cockos Forum tend to be lost and forgotten pretty quickly due […]

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A Digital Store for ExtremRaym — My First Premium WordPress Plugins For Sale

Few days ago I posted the 100th article of my website. Since the 1st one, a lot of different types of content have been written: tutorials, reviews, in-depth articles, files download pages, creation showcase… A long way has been made since I am developing this website. It is now time to go to the next […]