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Live-Interview for Geeking Out with REAPER Legends by IDDQDSound

Hi, Yesterday I was part of a live YouTube interview on IDDQDSound channel, as part of the Geeking Out with REAPER Legends series, following Justin and Schwa from Cockos and Kenny Gioia in previous weeks. During the stream, I answered questions about my journey into coding and mostly ReaScripting. Most questions are generalists, but because […]

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Learning: Nail the Mix – Metal Music Production Techniques

Hi, Following my recent Doom Style music composition Cyb3rDemon H8te, I wanted to improve my metal music mixing skills. In fact, this was something I am trying to do this since a very long time, watching tutorials almost on a daily basis since years. But I needed something which goes deeper than usual tips and […]

A Table of All My Premium ReaScripts

Hi, I finally took time to release complete table of all my Premium ReaScripts for REAPER, just like the one I already made for my Free Scripts. This will allow you to see scripts I publicly released in a pack… and also script I didn’t! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have question on […]

Coding a ReaScript for Ubisoft France

Few weeks ago, I get contacted by Gilles Camous, Audio TD at Ubisoft France, to create a REAPER script which allows to make pre and post render actions, for their specific audio game design workflow. The most important thing this script does is to allow versioning of files rendered via the RRM right in the […]