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Tutorial: Light Shows from REAPER with Custom JSFX

For my music related videos, I use static lighting, and do all brightness automation and color changes in post-production, at the video editing stage. I even coded an After Effects script to animate gamma in sync with the song tempo, for a new track by Friops. I also recently had to control lights for few […]

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Live-Interview for Geeking Out with REAPER Legends by IDDQDSound

Hi, Yesterday I was part of a live YouTube interview on IDDQDSound channel, as part of the Geeking Out with REAPER Legends series, following Justin and Schwa from Cockos and Kenny Gioia in previous weeks. During the stream, I answered questions about my journey into coding and mostly ReaScripting. Most questions are generalists, but because […]

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Metal Guitar Cover Videos

This article is part 1 of 21 in the series Metal Guitar Cover Videos

I am making making a series of some metal guitar covers video. I mostly focus on songs for which I like the lyrics for one reason or another, and which have not been covered yet for most of them, so it can go from underground french metal from 2000’s to new metalcore bands from 2020+. […]