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ReaScripts: Audio Item Waveform Visualizers Pack


This set of scripts is all about item audio waveform visualization, meant for editing.

I have showcased the beta for a while now and still didn’t release the scripts until now. They could be enhanced in term of GUI accessibility, but I released as they are now as they can already solve problems.

Thanks eugen2777 for having providing the core code open source! And thanks to Lokasenna for the logarithmic interpolation trick for spectral peaks colorization !

Pack Content


Track items audio waveform visualizer

This scripts allows to have all items in arrange view waveforms in a dedicated window. Very handy to align samples which are on different tracks, even if they are far apart vertically. It can be a workaround for some Track Sticking related needs.

It works on selected tracks non-muted items. You can lock the visualizer to the current track selection by pressing the dedicated key (see screenshot below).

Too work in real-time with mouse modifier (extending item edges etc), this script has to redraw the GUI very often. This can be very CPU intensive if you have lots of items, or very long items in the arrange view. I advice you to use it locally, to adjust few items, rather than have it open all the times.

I made this script for my personal needs. I use it from times to times on certain cases and it works quite good. This script is currently in beta and will not have further devs if the usage is low, unless critical bugs are found. It is a bit less polish than non beta scripts (it has no button etc).

Note that I currently didn’t implement any visual feedback for the script options so be sure to know the following shortcuts:


  • L → Lock Tracks
  • Esc → Quit
  • M → Color Blend Mode (normal or add)
  • Up or Down → Zoom / Dezoom waveform
  • R → Rectified peaks
  • C → Conform width to arrange view size, so that edit cursor and waveforms are aligned with the one in arrange view. Note that for some reason I can’t explain for now, drawing is less smooth in this case.
  • S → Sum all the audio data before displaying waveforms
  • K → Spectral peaks colorization
Sum feature allow to see how different audio files add together.
Blend mode feature.
v1.3 brings spectral peaks colorization and a new smoother conform view mode. The colorization brings Spectral peaks for folder tracks.

Known issues

  • The “conformed” to arrange view waveform doesn’t work if REAPER isn’t at top left of the screen. Minor bug but I didn’t fix it yet.
  • The “conformed” to arrange view waveform isn’t very smooth. EDIT: in v1.3, I added a new conform mode which is smoother but doesn’t take waveform not visible in arrange view.
  • CPU usage can be high
  • By design, it needs to have spectral peaks created for the file to display a waveform.

Item source sections usage visualizer

This script allows you to see if first selected audio item source section has been used in other selected tracks, and if yes, it will allows you to scroll to it.

Very useful for checking what ambiance or music sections have already been used in the project.

v1.1 has spectral peaks colorization.


  • L → Lock Tracks
  • Esc → Quit
  • S → Spectral peaks colorizaiton

Looping guide waveform helper

A script to help making perfect loops! It’s a visualizer which displays item end followed by item start, allowing you to see how the item loop.

Just select an audio item. Esc for exit, Vertical arrows for zoom vertical, Horizontal arrow for zoom horizontal (from 1ms to 1s).

It also works within time selection. Useful for virtual instrument sample editing.

Initial dev sponsored by David @xtant-audio. Many thanks!


This pack can be installed and auto-updated with the free ReaPack REAPER extension with a custom link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. After purchase, detailed installation instructions will be provided here and on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.

Feature Requests

Miss a function? Let me know!



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  • Personnal use, you are an individual, a student, or a non-profit organization, and you will not use this pack on commercial projects.

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