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Guitar Cover: Ektomorf – Scream

“Victims of the pain. Victims of the shame. Victims of the hate. (…). Scream!”

One take live recording. No audio editing.
Tuning: Drop A

Original track comes from Ektomorf 9th album, What Doesn’t kill me… (2009).


Thanks for your help!

Ektomorf is a mid 90’s Hungarian metal band, still in activity. Its style is characterized by efficient wall-of-sound guitars sound, empowering lyrics and vocals. Due to the fact that vocals and guitars are done by one person only (Zoltán, original member of the band), riffs are pretty straight-forward, and it is exactly what there is to like about this band: just fat in-your-face guitar riffs.

I chose this song cause it’s relative simplicity allows to jump around while playing, which was perfect for testing my new portable guitar amp outside. We chose to film in one shot to be able to follow the action as close as possible, which is also premiere too in this cover series (previous videos are all multicam). We didn’t made a lot of takes cause it did require quite some energy, and I’m not used to play in such intense conditions. The goal wasn’t to make the perfect guitar performance, just to see how it would goes, so I left errors unedited (yes, I missed the first note, can’t get my mind around this intro rythm), which will let us be able to track progress compared to future videos. Hoping you will enjoy it anyway, cause it was quite stimulating to perform like that!

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