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Guitar Cover: Slipknot – Everything Ends

“I haven’t slept since I found my whole life was a lie”

One take live video recording. No audio re-timing.
Tuning: Drop A

Original track comes from Slipknot’s 2nd album, Iowa (2001).


Slipknot is an American Nu-Metal band from the mid 90’s, still active to tis day. Thanks to their brutal and rageful music, their unique dirty but sharp sound, their iconic face masks, their extremely talented 9 original members and their energetic live shows, the band quickly became one of the most noticeable of genre. This doesn’t prevent them from making more dark ambient/balad tracks, which are definitely part of Slipknot identity as well.

Shooting this video was challenging cause we had only 20 minutes left to do it before the night (low lights is why the image is more blurry that what I would have expected), but performing in this place with a custom made mask was quite stimulating for sure.

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